Ines and I, Lorea, are French twin sisters and the founders of Ines + Lorea. We launched the brand in 2022 with the distinct goal of creating clothes with simple cuts that are missing in the European market such as evening and summery dresses.

A few years ago we moved to Italy to study fashion management. After graduating with a bachelor's degree, we gained professional experience in the industry working in a clothing store. Our three years spent in Italy definitely inspired us for our designs and gave us the vision to combine femininity and modern elegance. 90's runway shows are our main inspiration. Pure and minimalist features are what we envision for the brand identity. We are passionate about encouraging women embrace their signature style and look their best in garments that truly fit their body shape.



Our brand was created last year, in 2021. All our products are designed in France and made in the EU. Our fabrics are carefully sourced out from Italy and Turkey. We pay attention to every detail, making sure you receive a piece you will absolutely love. We only produce in limited quantities, buying deadstock fabric for some of our designs, ensuring no extra waste is produced and not everyone is wearing the same outfit as you. Furthermore, we use recycled plastic for our packaging which allows us to keep our waste production as low as possible.

Our pieces are timeless and classical - they are not influenced by seasonal trends or throwaway fashion. They are investment pieces created to last and be cherished for years.